Case Studies

On this page you can find a collection of case studies that Multisensor Systems is putting together. Feel free to revisit this page every few weeks to see what's new.

Title Type Format
THM Analyzers in Drinking Water THM PDF
Lac Mégantic disaster increases awareness of water treatment plant vulnerability VOC PDF
Monitoring of River Water Intake for Petroleum Contaminants VOC PDF
Monitoring of Reservoir Feed for Hydrocarbon Contamination VOC PDF
Protecting RO Membranes at a Pet Food Manufacturer VOC PDF
Monitoring of a borehole to detect potential fuel contamination VOC PDF
VOC detection in an Industrial Estate, UK VOC PDF
Monitoring a High Iron and Manganese Content Borehole for Hydrocarbons VOC PDF
Spill detection system at an engine manufacturing plant VOC PDF
Monitoring VOCs in Wastewater in an ATEX 2 Environment VOC PDF
Monitoring for VOCs in the Panama Canal VOC PDF
Monitoring for VOCs in water reclaimed from a petrochemical plant VOC PDF
VOC Monitor protects WTP inlet VOC PDF
Monitoring VOC contamination in the exhaust gas from an industrial water treatment plant VOC PDF
Monitoring of spring water for VOC contamination VOC PDF
Monitoring the intake of a desalination plant for hydrocarbon contamination VOC PDF
Monitoring of hydrocarbons at the effluent of a food manufacturing facility VOC PDF